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  • Dear Bobby

    My name is Kerry and i'm gradually setting out to start my own mobile welding service and was wondering if you could give me some advice that you might think would be helpful on my journey. A little about me ...i've been welding for about the last 5 yrs on and off at my work....self taught and on the job training mostly...we have a miller 252 at work ...have played around with stick a little but not to experienced....found out once people know you weld they ask you to fix stuff...LOL...but unfortunealy at the time I didnt have any equipment. So over the past year i've aquired a passport plus and a diversion 180....I've never tigged, but i'm eager to learn. Anyway...I would mostly like your advice on marketing myself and rates and just general business advice from somone thats been in the trenches.

    Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon