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  • Need some help with my 350P. Im trying to dail in my 350P on aluminum im using a 30A spool gun with 0.35 4043 wire so far its welding ok but could use some help.

    Right now im building an aluminum lift boom 4" sch/40 6061 pipe and 1/2" 6061 plate. I changed to 3/64 wire an could not get it to even start all it wanted to do was pile up and spit so i went back to 0.35. Pulse mode is on arc control set at 10 arc length at 25 and run in speed at 80. gas 100% argon at 25-30 cfm.

    I bought my 350P back in march and still learning my machine so hope someone
    here can help dail this thing in a little better. Dan