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  • I hope Dan is smoking busy too, it would really suck to sit at home chewing your nails, making calls and coming up dry. Glad to hear you got the deck looking like new again, it looks like a pretty nice deck. I'm flattered that you would have preferred one of our decks over the one you got. Building a nice AND functional deck is no small challenge. We get better with every one we build. I hope your keeping outta trouble these days. I'm fairly steady at the day job and more work keeps finding it's way to me after hours. I bought a newer truck and am building a basic deck for it... although progress has almost stopped, customer stuff comes first. Talk to you later.
    at home:
    2012 325 Trailblazer EFI with Excel power
    2007 302 Trailblazer with the Robin SOLD
    2008 Suitcase 12RC
    Spoolmatic 30A
    2009 Dynasty 200DX
    2000 XMT 304
    2008 Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52
    Sold:MM 251
    Sold:CST 280

    at work:
    Invision 350MP
    Dynasty 350
    Millermatic 350P
    Retired:Shopmaster 300 with a HF-251