Hello Duane,

The MM200 we have has the following Serial:
S/N: JF934861

I had the cover off of it only once to replace the SOJW cord with #8/3 SDT (ITT PVC Jacketted THHN Sunlight Direct Burial Tray Cable). While changing the cord, I blew out lots of the Panhandle - South Plains sand and dirt we have. When my dad first purchased it, it had a 50 Ft. #8/3 Rubber Neoprene cord on it. We had a larger shop then and wheeled the unit around alot. Now we have a smaller building and its sits in one spot quite a bit. It has the 12ft. GA-20C stinger on it. My boots have come off on each end and I had to rework the trigger wire because the insulation rotted off but other than that, no issues.

Its about to get a workout, huge project coming up, look for my post to come. Thanks for the reply.

Best Regards,