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  • Hey there Coal Smoke, Ive been busy building my house on the same property that I built my shop.

    I caught some of a thread of you being madddd because they want you to jump through all the hoops it takes to be a welder there.

    Theres a saying I use all the time which is ( If you want to play ball with the big guys you have to learn to play it their way or you dont get to play at all )

    The context I usually use it in is when my friends complain how they have to front the money for material, then fabricate it, then install it and after its installed if your lucky you'll be paid 30 days after that.

    Any way I really just stopped by to say High and to wish you a Merry Christmas.
    I know things seem to travel at snail pace at your age but trust me ( Keep working hard and you will eventually start seeing things turn for the better)
    Be patient.
    Your friend Portable Welder.