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  • The biggest problem is the amperage required of the converter. The rotary phase converter can only generate at best 66% of the amperage the slave motor is rated for.
    No looking at the manual for you welder you need about 60 amps of incoming power which means you will need a 20 to 25 hp phase converter
    See the link here

    And you will need better then 100 amps input in the system to get 60 some amps out.

    But yes it will run a welder. welder loads are actually easier on a phase converter then motors as there is little inrush current. It's just what the welder needs to run not some huge startup current.
    And unfortunately the phase converter is about the only way to get three phase it the current levels you need.
    If you have any other questions please feel free to email at [email protected]
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