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  • This is my first post on the forum. My reason for joining is to repair my Econotig...two days ago it went south. It is a 1994 model and have never had any problems with it. When I strike an arc, where the flame is normally a quarter to a half inch, it generates one and a half to two inches--and, sparks do fly. I'm in touch with a member of another forum who said I should look into this one. In the next paragraph I'll paraphrase his message:

    "Problem seems to be the circuit board when this happens. Possibly the scr which is at Q13 on the board? It has a metal heat sink bolted to it and 3 legs connected to the board. There are 2 blade terminals on the board edge next to each other that run to a winding around the transformer. If you unhook 1 of the wires and it still runs wide open it is the board. If unhooking 1 of the wires reduces to mimimum amps it is supposed to be the transformer. I may have this backwards though."

    Would appreciate any help.