Hey Scott,

Good to hear from you. Haven't seen you on the board much lately. Hope it's because work is good (or your son's keeping you busy with the new house).

I also hadn't been on SP for awhile. After your note, I tried and just got a blank page. Might want to drop Don a note (DDA52). Seems that he had been pretty active. We both may have been "canned" for lack of participation. Hope not, great group of guys there, but the east coast/west coast time difference always seemed to be a bit of a problem.

Check it out and let me know what you found out.

Hope everything's going well up your way. We've been busy, but you can tell money's still tight for most. Not a lot of "nice to get it done" type of work right now. Most of it is "must do", if you know what I mean. Got enough "big jobs" on the books to get the yard throught the winter though. Suspect by spring things may be looking a little better.

Have a good one.