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  • do you need stick and 1/4" welding capabilities?
    syncrowave units are large, even the 200 draw alot of amperage each unit would need a 50 amp breaker.
    depends what your really looking for. are the welders going to be run much? i know times are tough. could save some money on breakers(if you dont have 50 amp breakers already) by going with a diversion which has a lower price tag but its only a TIG welder but can only do 3/16. great project for the students though making carts for the diversions or building watercoolers for the TIG torches if you choose SW200. a draw back of the diversion is your torch length is stuck at 12.5ft while the SW 200 you can have a 25ft torch. diversion is an inverter unit and only needs a 30 amp breaker and uses less electricity than the SW200. maybe you consider 6 SW200 and 6Diversions. would be helpful to know if you have any kind of conditions for getting these welders too. hope this helps some.

    Dynasty 200DX
    MillerMatic 211
    Hypertherm Max 42