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  • Alright Andy, your my ace in the hole. You havent let me down yet and I dont think you will. 2 questions for ya. #1). We had a meeting the other day with a rep by the name of Dan Fleming. Dan stated the Dynasty 700's were not designed to AC pulse. That is what the AC Wave Shaping is for. Now I have used this feature many, many times to produce a sound weld. Is he pulling my leg or is the a true? He said that he could have a TIG Engineer from Appleton come to our shop and explain the dynasty better. Its not that we dont know how to use it, just all the wonderful features. And #2). I use the Weld calculators to set my machines ofter, but they all state current setting. Is there a formula to convert current to voltage? This is the last time I promise (fingers crossed)
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