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  • Just had my Dynasty 200DX upgraded. The tungsten arc start settings via new logic in the hidden menu work great. Now the low end arc starts with .020 and .040 tungsten work fantastic and the only thing I don't have are the blue lightning's 4 new waveforms that the Dynasty 350 has had. I haven't heard much practical/experienced application for the new waveforms. What would make me (and a great many others here on these forums) trade up - in an instant - is if Miller would make a Dynasty 250 DX. We like the option of being able to plug into a regular garage/household outlet and use 120V in a pinch... otherwise we would have just bought a Dynasty 350 DX. Most of us just goose the 200 DX's output through the use of helium when working on some heavier aluminum. It is just a tad under-powered at 200 amps for some of our dabbling into heavier aluminum.

    Any chance of a Dynasty 250 DX in the near future?
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