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  • I sent askandy a pm last week with no response and posted to his page like this with no response so will try you.. I have a two month old dynasty 350. I just checked and have 18 hours and 18 minutes and 2400 start arcs. I am new to tig but for the last two weeks have had trouble starting the arc. I did have the start time set too low as per one of the recommendations from this site. I set everything to factory. Seemed ok for about 4-5 starts then back to the same thing. I can hear the unit busing or sounding like it is arcing when I try to start but nothing happening at the torch. A few times I did see the arc at the torch but still no start. Have messed with the ground, reground the tungsten, etc but it still seems the same. Any suggestions?

    Dynasty 350 - My New Baby
    Millermatic 210 Mig with Spoolmate 3035
    Miller Thunderbolt XL 225/150 AC/DC Stick Welder
    Miller Specturm 625 Plasma Cutter
    Speedglas 9100 auto dark helmet
    Jackson auto dark helmet
    18.5 CFM Eagle Compressor
    Horizontal Band Saw
    Dewalt 14" Chop Saw
    7 1/2 Dewalt Angle Grinder
    4 - 4 1/2" Sears Angle Grinders
    1 - 4" Makita Angle Grinder
    2 - IR Die Grinders
    All of which my wife says will be a "he$$ of a garage sale"