Hi there "Man of Steel"......Im a new member to this site.
I noticed one of your postings about looking for new talent.
I hope you dont mind if I sort of ...as we say "pick your brain",about some things if I could.
I am a Torontonian living in Europe.
My wife and I are planning to move back to Canada next year.
Not going into alot of details to start with Mr. Steel....
I have a VAST amount of welder-fitter experience.....started in 1976........everything from Atomic power projects.....to working in the stainless steel industry in Denmark building breweries....etc.
I guess I would have a resume as long as a filler rod !
I was CWB certified many years ago.....I was K2000 certified in Denmark.
To be honest buddy....dont know where to start !!
I really would appreciate to correspond with you if you have the time? It would be great to talk with a fellow Canadian welder !! Thanks !...Best.... Ken Cope
E-mail.... [email protected]