Hey Andy,

Blast from the past.

If you remember, a while back I was about set to pick-up one of the Dynasty 300's you had offered to replace a '96 Sync 250 I had. As it turned out, a deal came along on a Sync 250 DX Tigrunner (2.5 yrs old, 8.2 hrs arc time) that I just couldn't turn down. Sold my 250 to a buddy who has a Dynasty 300 but wanted a backup machine.

Been really happy with the new (to me) Sync 250. Added the pulser (great upgrade), but the inverters still had appeal.

Anyway, been doing a bit of SS rail work on boats in the yard. Getting old moving a 400# machine (w/forklift) to the job. Been reading up on the new Dynasty 200 DX (Blue Lightning & addl waveforms). Ordered and received my new machine last Wednesday. (continued in second msg)