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  • Flap Disc Proposal
    I represent an abrasive supply house. We offer top quality abrasives, diamond blades and tools at very affordable prices. Our products stand up to and in some cases, surpass the leading name brands in the industry. We would like to offer your forum members the following (I can provide a picture if you would like):

    I am prepared to distribute a limited number of free sample packs of our premium zirconia flap discs (4 ½” x 7/8…any grit you would like) to 5 or 6 your members.

    We would like to see our products tested in the garages and workshops of the people who use them! All I ask is that in each case the user reports back to the Forum fairly and honestly on the following:

    1) the speed with which they remove stock
    2) the life of the product
    3) the value for money based on the prices on our website.

    our web site
    Kind Regards,

    Benchmark Abrasives
    Sales Manager
    [email protected]