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  • Well, more news on my 1977 AEAD-200LE Welder/ Genny.

    There is no R4, it's 12 ohm 180 watt resistor. It should be bolted to the front panel. I have no power from the generator, in as much as when the engine is running (with S1) the weld position, all is fine (I've not tried to weld with the beast yet), any way, when the power/weld switch is set to power, the engine dies.

    I suspect D2 is open circuit via R4 (where is R4?), or one of the bridge rectifiers to the exciter stator (SR2). The bridge 4 X 6Amp diodes. I might be getting confused with at diodes D4-D7-D5-D6. These are 150 Amp 300V, whereas D1-D2 are just 50 Amp, giving 115 Volts DC to the socket. The diodes are all very rusty and each one meters out very differently.

    Yeah, it has been neglected. Funny thing is... the circuit on the side of the generator/welder bares only slight resemblance to the on-line manual.

    Contact details.. [email protected] (Tony) Damascus. Arkansas.