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Wind turbine tower for my parents farm.

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  • Wind turbine tower for my parents farm.

    We wanted a taller tower capable to resist high winds, it also should be capable to be rised and lowered completly with the turbine on it without buckling. The tower was built on L steel, 1,25"x3/16 for the vertical members and 1/2"x1/8" for the cross ones, all stick welded using a Maxtar 150s and 7018 1/10" sticks. 4 sections of 3 meters each, joined by bolts, totaled close to 15 meters with the base and pole extension for the turbine.Total weight around 400 pounds.
    We used a 12 feet gig pole to aid in the lift up of the tower, a Massey Ferguson 290 4x4 farm tractor was used at the end of the pulling line.
    Pictures show base hinges, line tensors and tower.

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