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New gantry appendages.

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  • New gantry appendages.

    Requirement came from the same customer for reinfrocement of one of the appendages and rebuild of another one which was destroyed due to bad manipulation with the 24 ton plywood load (a local production export to the US). This time we started the job with the Maxtar 150s and when the boat proved to arrive sooner than expected we have to add a CST 280. Wow, what can I say? If you need to do something like you see in these pictures or even bigger this is the machine to go. It´s awesome, period! We had no triphasic power then so it was used in monophasic 220 volt configuration, 4mm 7024 electrode proved not to be challenging when all day welding with it at 180 amps (remmember, in monophasic!)! Not very often the thermal overload started to flash but no power loss was experienced, I can assure you the guy burning those long 7024´s would have prefered to do pit stops for coolness recovery of that CST tripple than what the machine asked.
    Thinking about it again I think I need another one, or maybe an XMT...... Miller´s bug is uncontrollable!

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