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Gantry appendages for wood loading

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  • Gantry appendages for wood loading

    This project started as a conversation between a good friend and me, his company needed to modify fittings for a Star´s ship coming to port in 15 days. At 1000 usd per harbor hour for the ship, any extra time in port for my friends company to load the 50.000 cubic meters of wood, would have had to be paid by them. Triphasic 220 volt supply of 19 KW proved not enought for my Miller Thunderbolt AC 225 buzz box equiped with a homemade full wave rectifier bridge of about 700 amps capacity (yeah I know, I guffed a bit ). A Fluke clamp showed a monophasic power requirement shy of 84 amps when the machine was on the high setting at 125 amps, so the 60 amps triphasic thermo magnetic commited to the off position with terrifying regularity! My desperate move was to ask the Miller repr for help. With a tight budget a Maxtar 150s followed me home and the work was done in time, as you can see in the photos.

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