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  • aero1310
    started a topic Miller Syncrowave 350

    Miller Syncrowave 350

    So I just recently purchased a older Syncrowave 350 for 300$. I'm just trying to get a grasp on what I need to do to get it powered up at my shop.Ill most likely just be welding small things as I am new to tig welding.So far I know I have 200 amp Service to the shop. My welder does not have PFC. It...
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  • bobhdus
    started a topic Miller Wiring???

    Miller Wiring???

    I know this is around the forums, just wanted to make sure I was correct on what I'm personally doing. I bought a 1998 Miller Synchrowave 250 ACDC welder (Single Phase) SN # KJ108307. It had a big aluminum 480 Plug, using the Black, red, and green. I pulled the cover, and changed the taps for 230V,...
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  • timdregier
    started a topic Airco Manual & Wiring Diagram

    Airco Manual & Wiring Diagram

    We have an old Airco welder. We need a manual and wiring diagram.

    Model 2.5DTR-224-A, Stock No. 1346-5051, ADI-1461, L&SP# 2087A.

    Any suggestions?
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  • Wiring Millermatic 211 to NEMA 10-50R

    I've got a very conveniently placed range outlet, a NEMA 10-50R, near where I want to use the welder. It's a 50 amp circuit, straight from the box to the outside. We've got a dryer plugged to it now, but it's got the 10-50 which is a "range" plug: three flat blades, one vertical, two slanted...
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  • Uglydog21
    started a topic Syncrowave Electrical Input Demands

    Syncrowave Electrical Input Demands

    Like many I'm wrestling with which welder to purchase.

    Based on what we use at welding classes and the reputation for parts and service, I'm leaning heavily toward Miller.

    Used Syncrowave 250s and 200s seem plentiful at fair prices. $1400-$1600 depending on the unit and...
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  • ksjeepman
    started a topic "High leg" three phase

    "High leg" three phase

    I have a 240 volt 3-phase 4 wire delta connection supplied to my shop. The "hot leg" to ground is 208v and the other two legs are 120v to ground. I was looking at adding a Miller invision 456P. I do not want to find out that this type of 3-phase will not work after purchasing. I assume whatever...
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  • altaic
    started a topic Dynasty 200 DX, Coolmate; one plug?

    Dynasty 200 DX, Coolmate; one plug?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has wired up the Coolmate ([email protected]/60Hz) to run off of the welder's supply, so you'd only have to run one power cord-- seeing as it's a mobile machine for me, that would be very convenient. Some larger welders have accessory outlets built into them; I'd like to do...
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