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wire feed problem

  • MIGmunkeeChris
    started a topic Tensioner on Millermatic 350P

    Tensioner on Millermatic 350P

    Hey guys, my shop just recently got me a millermatic 350p, im having problems setting the wire drive tension, under the hood it almost looks like its pulsing. Im guessing it could be the tension. I noticed on a lot of set up videos there is only one drive wheel, on the new machine theres two sets of...
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  • Wire Speed problem - Millermatic 180 AS

    Wire speed seems to be wide open not matter where I put the Wire Speed knob.

    Have checked the pots for Wire speed and Voltage and they both read fine...approx. 48k across the outside pins and 0 to 48k outside to middle pin depending on the knob position.

    Which transistor on...
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  • Lasculptor
    started a topic 252 mig wire hesitation

    252 mig wire hesitation

    I have a 252 that is a couple years old and recently I have a problem where about every 1/8 turn of the spool, there is a hesitation. I have changed the spool of wire, I have changed the gun(just happen to get a new Bernard Whip), taken the drive wheels off to inspect and clean, watched the drive wheel...
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  • acmech22
    started a topic mm 175 wire feed problem

    mm 175 wire feed problem

    i bought this welder used and the wire feed quit working, i see from 4v to 18 volts at the connector for the motor unplugged (depending on rheostat positions), when plugged in it drops to 0v. i've applied 12v to the motor with a car battery and it turns so the motor is not the problem.

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  • Millermatic 175 wire speed inconsistent

    This welder was working fine until it ran out of .030 ER70S6 wire in the middle of a project. It had a 10# spool of US Forge brand wire and in a pinch I went and picked up a 2# spool of Lincoln Electric .030 L-56 Super Arc from the local big box store. After I swapped spools I noticed that the wire...
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