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  • OffshoreDiver733
    started a topic 5mm 8010 downhill problems

    5mm 8010 downhill problems

    I’m having issues on the downhill 2-5 o’clock portion of an 8010 pass on 4” x80 pipe. Running a Big Blue 251D, third gear, 60-75 on remote. It seems like no matter what I do I have issues with it either digging too deep and removing metal while hot passing or filling, or big globs of molten metal...
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  • JakeLB
    started a topic Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

    Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

    Hello have a millermatic 200 SN# JE777868. I replaced the CR1 relay because it wasn't pulling by itself all the way to push the contact points over. Now with the new ice cube style if you hold it for more then 2 seconds the points start chattering and it shoots small sparks between points. Seems like...
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  • M.I.G. Feeding Troubleshooting Tips By A Warranty Technician

    Hi All,

    My Name is Logan P. Clayton I am a warranty Tech for Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hypertherm, Hobart, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, Firepower, Snap-On and just about every other main welding brand you can think of, I am starting a playlist for troubleshooting tips that will be comprised...
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  • Inexperienced, Video Welding on street Honda's AWD Differential and subframe

    In This video it shows this guy, SP TUNING on YouTube, is cutting and welding on his own Rear Sub frame and Differential mounts for his custom "All wheel Drive" Honda build that is OEM FWD only. He has never had any training doing any welding at all, and no training on welding on street car...
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  • ajherhold
    started a topic Torch Handle Heating Up

    Torch Handle Heating Up

    Hey y'all

    Need some advice. I've been brazing and light welding with my Smith Toughcut oxy-acetylene setup for the past year and a half or so, and I've noticed something lately.

    After working on a piece for a while, (brazing and/or welding), the torch tip and handle get pretty...
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  • Stick Electrode Ratings by Brand / MFG ? Favorites / Bummers

    I keep running across stick electrode sales of brands I have never heard of. Some of these are Anchor, Great Bridge, Cigweld, Tuffaloy, etc. Is there a rating for comparable electrodes anywhere? I have experience with Lincoln, Inweld, Stoody, Hobart, and others. Its hard in this economy to pass up...
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  • No AC frequency adjustment after updating syncrowave 210

    Hello millerwelds forums! I'm hoping someone out there can help me get AC frequency up and running on my syncrowave 210. (My machine doesn't have the spoolmate capability in the bottom left corner, so it's not the latest model)

    Here's the scoop:

    -I hadn't had AC frequency adjustment...
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  • cledford
    started a topic Econotig arc problems

    Econotig arc problems

    I have a used miller econotig that has some age on it but seems to be in good condition. I have it set for DC positive and welding mild steel and it will arc but doesn't seem to be transferring any heat, it just immediately melts the tungsten. Anybody know what the problem could be?
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  • KS.JAH.1776
    started a topic General Question Regarding Jobs

    General Question Regarding Jobs

    Some basic info about me. March 2016 I will have completed an AAS in welding technology, certified up to half inch plate 3g SMAW and GMAW, with about 80 hours of familiarization with GTAW. I will also be graduating with a class A CDL. I also have basic machining skills, vertical/horizontal mill. NO...
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  • Baktc88
    started a topic What am I doing wrong? Beginner.

    What am I doing wrong? Beginner.

    I am a beginner welder and am starting some welding classes here this month. I have been trying to get ahead of the game and start welding and understanding the basics before I start. I have been practicing on some pretty thick and thin metal and have been getting the same result for a weld. A somewhat...
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  • Baktc88
    started a topic Beginner Welding Questions.

    Beginner Welding Questions.

    Hi I am new to the site, and new to welding. I start school in less than a month and have been welding for a couple weeks at home. I have been trying to get ahead of the game by getting to know as much as I can about welding before I get into my classes. I just bought a Millermatic 211 auto-set for...
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  • kelsart72
    started a topic Girl welder looking for a job

    Girl welder looking for a job

    i have been out of the workforce for 15yrs but i can MIG and TIG weld, i worked at JF Sheet Metal in Hollis NH for 6yrs as a welder, I can MIG weld almost anything including TIG welding aluminum, the company I worked for did a lot of work for Vanguard industries in New Ipswich NH, I also ordered parts...
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  • Robert Hall
    started a topic TIG welding cart

    TIG welding cart

    I finished the cart for my 280 and the plasma cutter. I decided the bottom shelf was a good place for the Milwaukee Saw.

    It is a bit tall but has proven to be quite stable with the considerable weight on it.

    It's showing the spare tank as I had ran out of gas with the previous...
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  • dylan558
    started a topic welding occupation?

    welding occupation?

    I'm thinking about going to welding school. So you guys think there's a demand for welders in today's work force?
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  • Miller # 1
    started a topic mig welding

    mig welding

    Needing welders for pulse mig operations. This is a shutdown job for 6 weeks. If anyone is interested contact me for more information.
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