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  • jbillingsley
    started a topic 12vs suitcase

    12vs suitcase

    I recently got a 12vs extreme suitcase wire feeder, seemed to work pretty good the first day. But I went to go turn it on for the second time and there’s just nothing!!! I won’t turn on at all. Anybody have any ideas as to why? Or where you can actually get parts from to fix these?? Any help...
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  • Maxstar 200 DX still viable in 2017?


    I have found a used Maxstar 200 DX for sale, he seller is asking $1300 (USD).

    I would like to "poll the crowd" about whether or not this machine is:

    (1) A good deal at this price?
    (2) Is it a good idea to buy an older digital machine?...
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  • Walk_The_Cup399
    started a topic Generators


    As of right now Im running a dynasty 200 dx. I use it for small projects using stick and tig, around 155 amp. It runs off 110 but none of the outlets in my townhouse can handle it. So the easy route would be to run a dedicated outlet/breaker for my machine but I rent and have been told by tge wife that...
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  • Up-parts
    started a topic Millermatic 350p Help 7

    Millermatic 350p Help 7

    Recently purchased at auction, a nice clean looking MM350p. All cords were removed prior to sale so I worked with the local Airgas and now have all new. I relinked the machine per the manual for 1-phase 240vac and hit the switch. Nothing.. I got Help 7 & 9. I have checked the power supply and it...
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  • Finding a manual for Canox MIG welder

    Hi guys, I was directed to this website by my local welding gas company, who said you're my best bet for finding a manual for my Canox welder, which I understand to be a re-badged Miller Sidekick. It's a MIGMAGIC III.

    Serial No: KB100466
    Stock No: 903129-01-2

    Thanks in...
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  • Seabee89
    started a topic Miller xmt 304 errors

    Miller xmt 304 errors

    I'm in the military and just turned over with a previous construction battalion we have an xmt 304 miller welder. When I turn it on an error pops up saying that the input voltage is too high, or an error will pop up saying the input voltage is too low. If I shut it off and turn it on again it will let...
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  • Hyde
    started a topic Start up

    Start up

    Hey guys I have googled for days on this topic and I haven't seen anything that has answered my questions. I know I'm kicking a dead horse with this but I am looking to start up my own mobile welding truck and am looking for a machine for the back of my 1/2 ton. pay load of the truck is just over 1700lbs...
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  • Miller Maxstar 150 STH slow start

    When I turn on my welder after sitting overnight it takes a few minutes to come on. Has anyone else experienced this? It never used to do this.
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  • bfuller1
    started a topic Welder ID?

    Welder ID?

    Hi there,

    My father has been welding since he was very young and is now downsizing from his shop and needs to sell his beloved welder.

    This particular welder was purchased used back in the early 1960's, around 1963. He bought it from a diamond drilling company that he did...
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  • ubaldo1989
    started a topic Welding Jobs in The Union

    Welding Jobs in The Union

    Hey guys im a L.A Certified Combo Welder, I just recently applied at ironworkers local #433. They told me now I have to call a list of contractors & get sponsored by a contractor. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any Union Shops located in SoCal in surrounding areas of I.E, OC, San Bernardino, ...
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  • Looking to buy a welder and learn how to weld


    I have been wanting to learn to weld for a pretty long time now and for one reason or another I never did.

    I have a few questions. I would someday like to be able to build a 6x10 utility trailer, but am no where expienced to do that now. So I guess my first question...
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  • -FOR SALE- Miller CP300 with S22A wire feeder.

    I'm looking to sell a Miller CP300 MIG welder. The machine is in perfect working condition. It has everything it needs except a gas regulator and hose. It is a 3 phase unit. I comes with a fairly new bernard gun and an S22A wire feeder. The only thing wrong with the machine is that the ON/OFF switch...
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  • Help needed for AirCo Welder/generator w/ Kohler Engine

    We purchased an AirCo welder/generator with a Kohler Engine. We are looking for manuals and parts to include consumables. Pictures can be provided if neccessary. All data plate information that is legible is listed below. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  • techy
    started a topic Plasma Gouger

    Plasma Gouger

    I am new to this forum and I need some advice. We have a plasma gouger thermo dynamics. We are having problems and are at our wits end. I am needing to find out if you have any ideas of what direction to take, wether we should get this one fixed or just buy a new one. This is obsolete...
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  • How Much is a AEAD 200 LE worth?


    I am thinking of buying a unit that doesn't work. It is a total "?" because the owner is not mechanically or electrically inclined. How much is the unit worth? What would it be worth if I got it to work? And what should I look for that will tell me the unit is toast? Here...
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