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  • Is the WC-24 a right fit for me?

    I have the trailblazer (325 EFI w/ Excel Power), and an inverter tig welder (2016 AHP AlphaTig 200x). The plan is to start a mobile welding business with an enclosed trailer. Im looking into getting a WC-24 but i recently discovered what the name meant. Weld Control 24VAC. Does this mean it only runs...
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  • Miller Bobcat 225 will arc but not weld

    I have a Miller Bobcat 225 that just quit welding. it will arc but not enough to burn a rod. The outlet plugs have power but it doesn't seem to be very strong. Any ideas? Thank you!!

    Leads are all connected well.
    We were welding fence cutting the welder off to cut some pipe and started...
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  • Robert Hall
    started a topic TIG welding cart

    TIG welding cart

    I finished the cart for my 280 and the plasma cutter. I decided the bottom shelf was a good place for the Milwaukee Saw.

    It is a bit tall but has proven to be quite stable with the considerable weight on it.

    It's showing the spare tank as I had ran out of gas with the previous...
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  • cammo
    started a topic Aluminium TIG Welding

    Aluminium TIG Welding

    Hi all,

    Just did a video of us doing some aluminium welding in the shed and was wondering if some of you could give me some feed back as to what we are doing wrong or right and if you think our assumptions are right. We are really new to this.

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  • Specialized37
    started a topic Pinholes!!!


    I'm using a Miller Axcess 300 DI interfaced to a Motoman Manipulator. I have 1 certain weld which is to be 25mm long and must have 20%min penetration to both parent materials which are high strength steel. This weld, at random, will have a pinhole at mid-length which doesn't appear to be gassification...
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  • cncmachinist
    started a topic Miller Elite helmet issues

    Miller Elite helmet issues

    Ok guys im not a big welder by trade but I do need to burn rod from time to tim and until today my miller elite helmet has been nothing but great. I went to weld up some CroMo 4130 tubing today and the issue of my helmet flickering from shade 8-9 and occasionally going back to the grinding shade and...
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  • EM Fab
    started a topic Eastwood Welders

    Eastwood Welders

    I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with the Eastwood Mig welders any info is appreciated
    Thanks, Ernie
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  • Welder Repair shop seeking qualified factory service techs.

    I am wondering if anybody out there is looking for a good paying job with benefits repairing welding units. Miller and Lincoln training would be beneficial. Central Alberta, Canada is where we are located. Reply to the thread if you or someone you know may be interested. Engine drive experience would...
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