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  • Acetylene420
    started a topic Big Blue 400 Voltage Spike.

    Big Blue 400 Voltage Spike.

    While running my 12vs arc reach suitcase off Big Blue 400, it’ll run perfect short arc for 8 seconds or so. Suddenly I can see and hear a change in the arc and it will suddenly start sputtering. When I release the trigger, I see the voltage has suddenly spiked to 30 or so.

    I’m running...
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  • AJMauch
    started a topic Trailblazer 301D - no exciter voltage

    Trailblazer 301D - no exciter voltage

    We have a Trailblazer 301D that is not putting out any voltage for welding or AC. Voltage checks shows that there is no exciter voltage coming from the power board. The power board is getting DC voltage however and both the power board and control boards work when swapped with an identical...
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  • Spectrum 125c plasma on a generator?

    I need a little technical help with a newly purchased Spectrum 125c plasma cutter. I bought the unit to make saddle cuts in fence pipe.....but I'm having a problem...the unit works perfectly on a 20 amp, 120v household outlet, but when plugged into my 5000 watt-6500 watt surge (Subaru powered) generator.....the...
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