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  • ajherhold
    started a topic Notch 1/2" Tube

    Notch 1/2" Tube

    Hey y'all,

    I'm having a way harder time notching 1/2" mild steel tube for brazing T-joints than I should be. The smallest hole saw bit I can find is 5/8, and a half inch hss drill bit tears up the end of my tube. I've been more or less filing the notch manually and finishing with Dremel....
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  • dakman324
    started a topic Minimum thickness for mobile workbench

    Minimum thickness for mobile workbench

    I am trying to figure out what is the thinnest gauge of 1in steel tubing i can get for the mobile workbench shown in the picture. Im not going to be putting extremely heavy things on it, mostly for general fabricating and building. I do both wood and metal projects.

    The top will likely...
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  • Smiling Man
    started a topic Bending twisted pipes

    Bending twisted pipes

    I am making a railing and have procured a 1 9/16" 4- twisted tube length. The 4 tubes are twisted around a 1/4" solid rod.

    I want to put a curve in it. Ideas? I thought of filling all pipes w sand, fitting it into a slightly larger pipe, filling that with sand, and working with...
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  • cah8861
    started a topic Gearbox Tube Bender

    Gearbox Tube Bender

    I was looking for some of you more experienced guys opinion. I am a machinist for a papermill and it's hard to believe some of the things these big companys throw out. I have a couple of right angle gearboxes ranging from 5 to 1 ratio, 60 to 1 ratio, and 100 to 1 ratio. I was wondering if you guys think...
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