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  • Under Truck Topper Fishing Rod / Utility Rack

    I wanted a fishing rod rack for my topper, but I didn't want to drill any holes in it. I looked for products in stores and on-line and didn't find a thing.
    So..... I came up with this idea.
    The best part about this rack, is the fact that it is strong enough to use as a utility rack. I hang...
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  • freefly23
    started a topic Truck Camper Project

    Truck Camper Project

    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. I'm new to welding and have just discovered this forum.

    I was wondering if I could get some help with a truck camper I wanted to build. I was going to mount this camper on the back of a 1999 F-350 chassis. I found a few articles online including...
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  • Hyde
    started a topic Start up

    Start up

    Hey guys I have googled for days on this topic and I haven't seen anything that has answered my questions. I know I'm kicking a dead horse with this but I am looking to start up my own mobile welding truck and am looking for a machine for the back of my 1/2 ton. pay load of the truck is just over 1700lbs...
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  • ingin689
    started a topic welding truck

    welding truck

    im having a hard time finding the right group of poeple to advertise to, any sugestions? i've had it on ebay and no luck. its a really clean truck and very nice expecially for a welding truck. i have tons of pics and a huge write up about it, i just can't seem to find people looking for a welding truck....
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