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  • Jopusm
    started a topic Xmt 304 cc/cv

    Xmt 304 cc/cv

    Hello! I have an XMT 304 CC/CV with a S-74D feeder. No matter what I adjust the speed, voltage or amperage to the wire feeds erratically. The power supply is wired for 230V and the whip has a new liner, new tip, roll tension is set loose and the wire tensioner is definitely gripping the wire. I've looked...
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  • jbillingsley
    started a topic 12vs suitcase

    12vs suitcase

    I recently got a 12vs extreme suitcase wire feeder, seemed to work pretty good the first day. But I went to go turn it on for the second time and there’s just nothing!!! I won’t turn on at all. Anybody have any ideas as to why? Or where you can actually get parts from to fix these?? Any help...
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  • Error Codes for Miller MPi 180 at start up

    Hi guys,

    Can please anyone help me with the error codes on Miller MPi 180?

    I have bough it brand new and just did a couple of test welds with MIG and then the welder was plastic...
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  • Miller XMT 304 Help1 Code On 'electrode hot' settings only

    Hello all. I'm hoping someone might have some advice for me. I recently purchased a miller XMT 304 and I keep getting the Help 1 code, but only on the 'electrode hot' settings. If I put the welder on MIG, it starts up fine. I can adjust everything and the display changes accordingly. I dont have a MIG...
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  • JakeLB
    started a topic Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

    Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

    Hello have a millermatic 200 SN# JE777868. I replaced the CR1 relay because it wasn't pulling by itself all the way to push the contact points over. Now with the new ice cube style if you hold it for more then 2 seconds the points start chattering and it shoots small sparks between points. Seems like...
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  • Aaron89
    started a topic Dynasty 280DX troubleshooting

    Dynasty 280DX troubleshooting

    Has anyone had to replace circuit boards in their Dynasty 280DX? I have 35 hrs on mine and it is out of warranty. I took it to get repaired and they want $3,000 to “attempt” to fix it with no guarantees. It will turn on and weld for about 30 seconds but it keeps saying “cool pwr, see OM” I can...
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  • M.I.G. Feeding Troubleshooting Tips By A Warranty Technician

    Hi All,

    My Name is Logan P. Clayton I am a warranty Tech for Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hypertherm, Hobart, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, Firepower, Snap-On and just about every other main welding brand you can think of, I am starting a playlist for troubleshooting tips that will be comprised...
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  • Blakeg
    started a topic Trailblazer trouble shooting.

    Trailblazer trouble shooting.

    Hello, I posted up a little while ago about a trailblazer 250g that I was looking at. I bought it today for $200. It has the Onan performer 20 engine on it. Runs great, high low idle both work. But the machine makes no power to the outlets or leads. He said it was a bad armature ( I don’t believe...
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  • Mac&Homelite
    started a topic Miller AEAD 200LE no power/weld

    Miller AEAD 200LE no power/weld

    So, I've had the engine drive for over a year now, SN HE775405. I originally bought it not generating power, and after several hours of looking around found that the previous owners had somehow melted wire #10 from coil to the weld/power changeover switch. Ended up fixing that and it generated and welded...
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  • MIGmunkeeChris
    started a topic Tensioner on Millermatic 350P

    Tensioner on Millermatic 350P

    Hey guys, my shop just recently got me a millermatic 350p, im having problems setting the wire drive tension, under the hood it almost looks like its pulsing. Im guessing it could be the tension. I noticed on a lot of set up videos there is only one drive wheel, on the new machine theres two sets of...
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  • M_Robertson
    started a topic AC TIG Puddle Won't Form

    AC TIG Puddle Won't Form

    I have inconsistent results establishing a puddle for AC TIG on aluminum using a Syncrowave 250. I have tried the following to remedy the problem:
    * New tungsten
    * Torch angle and rotating tungsten to redirect arc
    * Different sized cups
    * Adjusting HF dial
    * Cranking up...
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  • Mike yates
    started a topic Miller matic 35 sputtering

    Miller matic 35 sputtering

    Guys in shop complaining about sputtering, but welds look great to me. 85 wire feed welding 1/2 plate on setting 4. 15 to 20 flow rate on 75/25 gas. Same settings for two years. But I have to admit it doesn't "hizzle" like i remember. Just replaced all the diodes with OEM because we had some...
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  • Miller Bobcat 225 will arc but not weld

    I have a Miller Bobcat 225 that just quit welding. it will arc but not enough to burn a rod. The outlet plugs have power but it doesn't seem to be very strong. Any ideas? Thank you!!

    Leads are all connected well.
    We were welding fence cutting the welder off to cut some pipe and started...
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  • parth096
    started a topic troubleshooting (bad welds)

    troubleshooting (bad welds)

    I'm welding thinner gauge metal tubing (20-16). Sometimes, i notice that when i let go of the trigger, my pool "grows" and gets a point on it. What is happening here and what can I do to fix this? I'm running autofeed at about 3.8 volts. If i go higher I risk burning through.
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  • Tooly236
    started a topic I need help with a steering system.

    I need help with a steering system.

    I am building a drive stystem for a feeder that you stand on the back of the machine like a walk behind mover. I no next to nothing about steering systems and the first one I tried was impossible to steer because sometimes there is 8-900 pounds on the turf tires. I did some reading about different...
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