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  • MIGmunkeeChris
    started a topic Tensioner on Millermatic 350P

    Tensioner on Millermatic 350P

    Hey guys, my shop just recently got me a millermatic 350p, im having problems setting the wire drive tension, under the hood it almost looks like its pulsing. Im guessing it could be the tension. I noticed on a lot of set up videos there is only one drive wheel, on the new machine theres two sets of...
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  • M_Robertson
    started a topic AC TIG Puddle Won't Form

    AC TIG Puddle Won't Form

    I have inconsistent results establishing a puddle for AC TIG on aluminum using a Syncrowave 250. I have tried the following to remedy the problem:
    * New tungsten
    * Torch angle and rotating tungsten to redirect arc
    * Different sized cups
    * Adjusting HF dial
    * Cranking up...
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  • Mike yates
    started a topic Miller matic 35 sputtering

    Miller matic 35 sputtering

    Guys in shop complaining about sputtering, but welds look great to me. 85 wire feed welding 1/2 plate on setting 4. 15 to 20 flow rate on 75/25 gas. Same settings for two years. But I have to admit it doesn't "hizzle" like i remember. Just replaced all the diodes with OEM because we had some...
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  • wbullet
    started a topic Miller Bobcat 225 will arc but not weld

    Miller Bobcat 225 will arc but not weld

    I have a Miller Bobcat 225 that just quit welding. it will arc but not enough to burn a rod. The outlet plugs have power but it doesn't seem to be very strong. Any ideas? Thank you!!

    Leads are all connected well.
    We were welding fence cutting the welder off to cut some pipe and started...
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    Last edited by wbullet; 03-24-2017, 01:35 PM.

  • parth096
    started a topic troubleshooting (bad welds)

    troubleshooting (bad welds)

    I'm welding thinner gauge metal tubing (20-16). Sometimes, i notice that when i let go of the trigger, my pool "grows" and gets a point on it. What is happening here and what can I do to fix this? I'm running autofeed at about 3.8 volts. If i go higher I risk burning through.
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  • Tooly236
    started a topic I need help with a steering system.

    I need help with a steering system.

    I am building a drive stystem for a feeder that you stand on the back of the machine like a walk behind mover. I no next to nothing about steering systems and the first one I tried was impossible to steer because sometimes there is 8-900 pounds on the turf tires. I did some reading about different...
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  • modela
    started a topic Help with settings on S-64 Wire Feeder

    Help with settings on S-64 Wire Feeder

    I have a 304 CC/CV and a S-64 wire feeder. I am wanting to weld with MIG using the s-64 wire feeder. I have a manual but I cannot get the welder to run consistently. It runs a few seconds and then the wire sticks in the puddle and the current is shut down. I have another wire welder but I really...
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  • spanky
    started a topic What is wrong with my Spoolmatic 30A?

    What is wrong with my Spoolmatic 30A?

    So I began working at a job a week ago, still working out all the quirks of some of the equipment. Most of what I do is maintenance, construction, modification, and fabrication. Yesterday I was assigned a purely aluminum project that should take me about 4 days to complete. At the end of yesterday I...
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  • Bluestar 2e power works, welder does not work

    Hello,I have a Bluestar welder SN # HK269609. I also have the correct owners manual downloaded. 6 months ago it was working OK but now it will not arc when set to the weld position. It does still make good 110 in the power position and runs a grinder just fine. Are there any common problems I should...
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  • Troubleshooting Millermatic 252 MIG (Wire Is Not Feeding)

    HI everybody, IM NEW to arc welding. My miller is fresh off the Pallet and I followed the instructions for setting up to the best of my ability. The general problem is the wire is not feeding. In detail, the wheels are not even attempting to push the cord through. My electrician installed the plug,...
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  • jim.2435074
    started a topic Syncrowave SD 180 no high frequency

    Syncrowave SD 180 no high frequency

    Folks -
    Trying to troubleshoot my old (LA 081331) SD 180. I get no HF just a little (1/8 in spark) and thats it at the torch. When I checked the spark gaps, one of them was shorted - Probably had some grit blown into it. Readjusted the gap and now nothing at the Spark Gaps of 0.012. I checked...
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  • Miller Maxstar 150 STH slow start

    When I turn on my welder after sitting overnight it takes a few minutes to come on. Has anyone else experienced this? It never used to do this.
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  • noloafing
    started a topic syncrowave 300 low weld output

    syncrowave 300 low weld output

    I am trying to repair a syncrowave 300 which has very low weld output (will not melt stick electrode). I have tried this machine with various settings (hi/low, AC/DC, with panel or remote control) and always the same thing. However when using the start current I can get plenty of power out, so the...
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  • lance_b_1
    started a topic Miller 22a questions / problems

    Miller 22a questions / problems

    I picked up a Miller 22a and Arc Pak 350 in trade. I never saw it run since the guy delivered it to my house. I switched it from 480 3 phase to 240 single phase per the manual instructions, it turned on, I hooked up my gas bottle, hooked up a spool of .045" wire, replaced some bad parts on the...
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  • Jayce_Bryant
    started a topic Millermaatic 212 auto-set

    Millermaatic 212 auto-set

    I am having problems with the wire feed on my millermatic 212 auto-set. The machine first started acting up a week ago when the wire feed didnt shut off. I pulled apart the trigger for the wire feed. The switch was operating properly when i did a continuity test with my muilitmeter, however i thought...
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