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  • Acuradude32
    started a topic Maxstar remote issue

    Maxstar remote issue

    I have a maxstar 200 DC (2006 model), when I put it in Hf tig mode and turn on the remote the machine sense it and begins welding but it goes directly to the amperage on the display and will not throttle at all. When I turn the remote off, the machine stops welding as it should. I have tried a thumb...
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  • Walk_The_Cup399
    started a topic Generators


    As of right now Im running a dynasty 200 dx. I use it for small projects using stick and tig, around 155 amp. It runs off 110 but none of the outlets in my townhouse can handle it. So the easy route would be to run a dedicated outlet/breaker for my machine but I rent and have been told by tge wife that...
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  • Cracking issues on 1/4" aluminum tin welded butt joints - 5052 -

    (can't seem to edit the post title but auto-correct changed "tig" to tin)
    Hello All. Im fabricating another batch of planter boxes in 1/4" 5050, but I'm having major cracking issues this time around. Though the one I've attached a picture of is a funny shape, most are rectangles....
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  • ChelsieLynn
    started a topic Running a cap in 6g position

    Running a cap in 6g position

    Fairly new welder here and I got some questions about running a cap in a 6g position. What's the best method? I was taught how to walk the cup when I started but it keeps slipping. Also, it's getting heavy on the bottom and thin on the top? I hold my wire at the very top but it's wanting to fall down...
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  • Andrew J 649
    started a topic tig welding muntz metal

    tig welding muntz metal

    Does anyone have tips on tig welding muntz metal (60% copper 40%zinc)? Im getting mixed results in both AC and DC neg, though i have seen both recommended on other threads.
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  • Ram48
    started a topic spot welding Aluminum

    spot welding Aluminum

    I have a project where I would like to use my tig to spot weld .040 aluminum sheets together, I have been doing that with sheet metal with great success using a home made standoff and the spot timer on my tig machine. any input or suggestions are appreciated
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  • No AC frequency adjustment after updating syncrowave 210

    Hello millerwelds forums! I'm hoping someone out there can help me get AC frequency up and running on my syncrowave 210. (My machine doesn't have the spoolmate capability in the bottom left corner, so it's not the latest model)

    Here's the scoop:

    -I hadn't had AC frequency adjustment...
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  • cledford
    started a topic Econotig arc problems

    Econotig arc problems

    I have a used miller econotig that has some age on it but seems to be in good condition. I have it set for DC positive and welding mild steel and it will arc but doesn't seem to be transferring any heat, it just immediately melts the tungsten. Anybody know what the problem could be?
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  • Andrew J 649
    started a topic used syncrowave 250 value

    used syncrowave 250 value

    I'm going to look at a used syncrowave 250 in the next day or so, and was wondering if anyone had a sense of going prices. Serial # LB058208 stock # 903765. Seller is asking 3k. There is much still to find out about it.. whats included etc, but it does have the integrated cooler, and a really beat up...
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  • tungsten stability ac tig aluminum problems

    Ive been doing a lot of aluminum tig work lately with a Syncrowave SD 180 which i had thought was (and according to specs is) a bit under powered for 3/16" and 1/4" plate. Ive recently got a helium argon mix to get a bit more heat at the weld which is working really well. I no longer need...
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  • josgraha
    started a topic Green vs Purple Tungsten

    Green vs Purple Tungsten

    I have recently learned that using green tungsten in an inverter machine is a no-no. I have been welding for over 15 years and I have never heard this until now when I purchased a Dynasty 700 machine. I have used the purple for a while and I am not very fond of it so far. I started using the green again...
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  • MandicReally
    started a topic 330A/BP, another no HF post

    330A/BP, another no HF post

    I recently picked up an old 330A/BP for my home shop. Tonight was the first time i tried firing it up. I found that the HF isn't reaching my torch. I've seen plenty of threads about No HF on these but mostly focus on the caps or contacts. The machine was pulled out of service and replaced with a new...
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  • ksm2
    started a topic Shielding Gas Filters

    Shielding Gas Filters

    Is anyone familiar with shielding gas filters? I'm trying to find in-line type filters that I can hook up once the gas has passed through the regulator. I'm finding very fine filters, like .02 or .01 micron, but I feel that is a bit excess for my requirement. In reality, I'd like to find one filter...
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  • Synchrowave 180 SD low TIG output problem, OK in stick mode

    Hello,I apologize if this is better in an existing thread. My search turned up no such thread. I have also posted this over in weldingweb, but that thread is years old. I hope it's not bad manners to post in both places.Thank you in advance for your time reading this...I will reply below with the serial...
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  • Syncrowave 200 shut off & not turning on.

    Ive owned this Syncrowave 200 for nearly 2 years. I was welding one of my stainless sculptures yesterday when it shut off. I immediately assumed the breaker flipped. Checked it and it was fine. Even plugged another piece of equipment into the 220 outlet to be sure and its working fine. I inspected all...
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