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syncrowave 300 x

  • Smithkev
    started a topic Syncrowave 300 High Frequenty

    Syncrowave 300 High Frequenty

    Hi all.
    I'm new here and I have a question about my synrowave 300.
    It's an old unit, serial number HF870894, and the high frequency start only works on high range. It works on continuous high frequency in low range. I had leaking capacitors so I replaced all 3 with millers replacements (higher...
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  • noloafing
    started a topic syncrowave 300 low weld output

    syncrowave 300 low weld output

    I am trying to repair a syncrowave 300 which has very low weld output (will not melt stick electrode). I have tried this machine with various settings (hi/low, AC/DC, with panel or remote control) and always the same thing. However when using the start current I can get plenty of power out, so the...
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  • neohic
    started a topic Syncrowave 300... What's it Worth?

    Syncrowave 300... What's it Worth?

    I've got a Syncrowave 300 that I'm looking to put up for sale. Problem is that while trying to compare prices I'm finding numbers that are all over the map! Now, I know that different options and what not, but even looking at similar models as mine are coming up with quite a variation. Here's what I've...
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