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  • Syncrowave 200 shut off & not turning on.

    Ive owned this Syncrowave 200 for nearly 2 years. I was welding one of my stainless sculptures yesterday when it shut off. I immediately assumed the breaker flipped. Checked it and it was fine. Even plugged another piece of equipment into the 220 outlet to be sure and its working fine. I inspected all...
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  • Tigger18
    started a topic Welding outfit for sale!!!!!!!!

    Welding outfit for sale!!!!!!!!

    Like new Syncrowave 200 with running gear (only 4hours and 32minutes runtime so far!). Also includes....1 large argon bottle, 1 large acetylene bottle, 1 med argon bottle, 1 TIG rig setup for dc stick machines, 1 miller performance series welding helmet, 1 techsouth tungsten sharpener,...
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  • 99problems
    started a topic Syncrowave 200 control problems

    Syncrowave 200 control problems

    I have a 5 year old Syncrowave 200, and over the last year and a half I've experience intermittent to now permanent malfunctions. Earlier (after warranty expired) I got the Help-11 screen, and I traced that down to 'tin whisker' problems whereby I fixed it by running a heat gun over the board. I did...
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  • Syncrowave 200 First please?

    I only have 6061-T6 aluminum in my shop. For the sake of this discussion assume i will only ever weld that.

    Just hooked up the welder, and thought i would give it a spin. Using the weldcraft orange band tungston, ground to a point, sticking out of the cup about 1/4". Not...
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  • River City Chop Shop
    started a topic Syncrowave 200 not arcing

    Syncrowave 200 not arcing

    i just bought a syncrowave 200 tig welder used, it has about 34 hours on it. i was welding last night, it was welding great and this morning when i tried to continue welding it wouldnt arc . it would make the hight frequency noise when i hit the pedal, the gas was flowing, and the ground was good but...
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