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  • M_Robertson
    started a topic AC TIG Puddle Won't Form

    AC TIG Puddle Won't Form

    I have inconsistent results establishing a puddle for AC TIG on aluminum using a Syncrowave 250. I have tried the following to remedy the problem:
    * New tungsten
    * Torch angle and rotating tungsten to redirect arc
    * Different sized cups
    * Adjusting HF dial
    * Cranking up...
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  • No AC frequency adjustment after updating syncrowave 210

    Hello millerwelds forums! I'm hoping someone out there can help me get AC frequency up and running on my syncrowave 210. (My machine doesn't have the spoolmate capability in the bottom left corner, so it's not the latest model)

    Here's the scoop:

    -I hadn't had AC frequency adjustment...
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  • aero1310
    started a topic Miller Syncrowave 350

    Miller Syncrowave 350

    So I just recently purchased a older Syncrowave 350 for 300$. I'm just trying to get a grasp on what I need to do to get it powered up at my shop.Ill most likely just be welding small things as I am new to tig welding.So far I know I have 200 amp Service to the shop. My welder does not have PFC. It...
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  • akm06
    started a topic syncrowave 250 DX

    syncrowave 250 DX

    Is a 100 amp circuit feeding welder overkill?
    Shold I go with 60A circuit for welder?
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  • akm06
    started a topic syncrowave 250dx current draw

    syncrowave 250dx current draw

    Is 90 amp overcurrent protection (breaker) with#4 thhn sufficient for a syncrowave 250dx?
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  • Rodent
    started a topic No throttle on syncrowave 250

    No throttle on syncrowave 250

    Hello everyone!

    New to the forum, this is my first post. I own a small machine shop, and do a little bit of welding now and then. I have an XMT 304 that I totally love, but I needed something to weld aluminum, so I picked up a used syncrowave 250 with a water cooled torch. I cant seem to...
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  • Miller Syncrowave 250 dx stopped working.

    I have a Miller Syncrowave 250 dx and recently i was welding with it and just stopped working . Also if i press on the pedal it doesn't start an arc. And when i look at the high frequency point, there is no electricity flowing through them. It does not matter whether it is AC or DC or continuous....
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  • Uglydog21
    started a topic Syncrowave Electrical Input Demands

    Syncrowave Electrical Input Demands

    Like many I'm wrestling with which welder to purchase.

    Based on what we use at welding classes and the reputation for parts and service, I'm leaning heavily toward Miller.

    Used Syncrowave 250s and 200s seem plentiful at fair prices. $1400-$1600 depending on the unit and...
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  • Hiteker
    started a topic my Syncrowave 350LX has Trouble

    my Syncrowave 350LX has Trouble

    I have a Syncrowave 350LX Serial # KJ286672.
    Welder welds great when stick welding but when you break the arc and set the stinger down
    Within 10 to 20 seconds the breaker in the breaker box trips.
    Any ideas what may be going wrong with this machine?
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  • I'm having a problem with my Syncrowave 180, anybody ever seen this?

    I've been the proud owner of my Syncrowave 180 for 4 or 5 years now and I ran into trouble with it. I was welding some 1/4" steel @ about 120 amps, nothing too demanding. I welded off and on for about 10 minutes and then walked away from it for a while. I came back to it and that's when the trouble...
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  • eiring
    started a topic Help! No current control on syncowave 300

    Help! No current control on syncowave 300

    I bought a syncrowave 300 with a sp2 controller its about a 1986 vintage. I am having trouble with the current control on the main panel. I don't have any current control only minimum output. I have control on the current start on the main panel, but only goes for about 1 second. I have current...
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