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  • ajherhold
    started a topic Miller Thunderbolt crank

    Miller Thunderbolt crank

    100% stick welding novice here.

    What's the crank used for on the top of this thunderbolt welder? Amp adjustment wheel?

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  • rmrider15
    started a topic Digital Elite Help!

    Digital Elite Help!

    Hello I have the digital elite stars and stripes 3 and I recently noticed in my stick welding class that I was seeing 3 arcs while I was welding. It was doing the same with household lights also. I went home changed outer lens and it did the same thing. I tried looking at the house light without the...
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  • smawwelding
    started a topic SMAW Fillet Welds?!!!

    SMAW Fillet Welds?!!!

    im currently taking a welding course at my local welding school and I am stuck on the assignment the instructor has given me, which is fillet weld t-joint with a 1/8" electrode. what is the best way to achieve a specified size weld. im having trouble getting the multi-pass fillet welds the right...
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  • 6G stainless pipe pressure test tips.

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and I've been welding for about 6 years now. I obtained my Alberta pressure ticket this past October and the shop I'm working for are upgrading all the pressure welders tickets. The next one to tackle is stainless pressure. The root is rolled MIG hard wire 316 I believe,...
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  • welder00
    started a topic Welding schools in Toronto

    Welding schools in Toronto

    Hey there
    i am looking for a good welding school although i've found a couple has anyone got an idea about the General welding school ltd?
    i couldn't find reviews on this school i'd appreciate it if you could help and share your experiences. Thanks.
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  • Wes C
    started a topic 6013 on Aluminized Steel

    6013 on Aluminized Steel

    Howdy, first post here. I have been using the Miller Site and forum as a resource for quite a while. I'm new here but I'm definitely glad to be here! Obligatory words out of the way...

    I am building a custom exhaust for my project car and I'm planning to do it mostly with stick. I picked...
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  • lw3eov
    started a topic Aluminium stick welding difficulties!

    Aluminium stick welding difficulties!

    I am having lots of difficulties trying to do aluminium stick welding. I also phoned the manufacturer of the rods but they couldn't give me much information. I read in a book that I need DC and it is difficult to maintain the arc, however I am not convinced that I am doing everything right. To be honest...
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