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  • lincoln magnum sg spool gun wiring into millermatic 252

    Been trying to research how to cross wire my lincoln spool gun (magnum sg) into my millermatic 252? not sure if its possible just wondering if anyone else here has attempted this. i do have the miller male connector end with pins. there is 6 wires on the spool gun end. Thanks, Garrett
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  • Silverback
    started a topic Welder settings with 5356

    Welder settings with 5356

    I have a MM211MVP that came with a spoolmate spool gun. There are settings for 4043 wire on the chart in the door but I have never found them (on the door, searching online...) for 5356 wire.

    Does anyone know where to find them? Even a chart from another welder that shows both 4043 and...
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  • cledford
    started a topic spoolgun not triggering gas flow

    spoolgun not triggering gas flow

    I have a millermatic 200 with the spoolmatic 1. Everything works fine except the gas wont flow when you pull the trigger. Any ideas?
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  • Miller 3545 spool gun hard arc starting

    Hi i purchsed a 3545 spool gun and 100c control box on Ebay to use on my 1975 miller big 40. I recently got around to hooking it up and trying the setup out. My problem is the arc is very difficult to almost impossible to get started especally at lower amps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • RedPark
    started a topic Miller 250x with Spoolmate 100?

    Miller 250x with Spoolmate 100?

    I have been looking for an inexpensive spoolgun for a few small projects. When I asked my friend at Airgas today about spoolguns, he showed/sold me the Spoolmate 100. He said that even though it isn't listed as working on the 250x he was 99% sure that it would direct connect and work.

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  • aametalmaster
    started a topic Another cast alum project.

    Another cast alum project.

    This is a cast alum front grille from a 1940's or so bumper car from an amusement park. It was "fixed" years ago with some screws and sheetmetal. I will remove the sheetmetal and screws, vee everything out, straighten where needed and fill it with my 3035 spoolgun with 4043 wire. The holes...
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  • Trouble with Millermatic 211 and Spoolmate 100 on 1/8" alum (pics)

    Hi everyone. I have been lurking around her for a while, but this is my first post. I wanted to start off by sharing pics of a few projects since I picked up the new 211 recently, but I'll have to do that later.

    Tonight, I unpacked the Spoolmate 100 for the first time and decided to...
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