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  • stockdbo02
    started a topic Spectrum 1000 Torch

    Spectrum 1000 Torch

    I have a Spectrum1000 with an ICE-80TM on a burn table. I would like to find a handheld torch to use on it. Will any torches besides the ICE-80T work on this machine? I see the 80T’s are getting hard to find. I see the 60T looks similar (obviously lower current capacity) but will they connect? Are...
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  • Brand new Miller Spectrum 625 X-treme won't arc, temp light always on

    Our shop recently purchased a brand new Miller Spectrum 625 X-treme plasma cutter and we've run into a problem. Out of the box it worked perfectly for 2 days until we realised that the compressor we hooked it up to hadn't been properly drained. We opened it up, drained the filter and purged the compressor...
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  • Miller Spectrum 375 with ICE 27c Torch

    Hello everyone...just a quick question on a used plasma cutter I just picked up.

    I found a really good deal on a Miller Spectrum 375 with ICE 27c torch head. I had to replace/splice the ground wire. I did it the correct way, with a yellow butt connector and 12 gauge wire. The old ground...
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