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  • Miller XMT 304 Help1 Code On 'electrode hot' settings only

    Hello all. I'm hoping someone might have some advice for me. I recently purchased a miller XMT 304 and I keep getting the Help 1 code, but only on the 'electrode hot' settings. If I put the welder on MIG, it starts up fine. I can adjust everything and the display changes accordingly. I dont have a MIG...
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  • JakeLB
    started a topic Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

    Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

    Hello have a millermatic 200 SN# JE777868. I replaced the CR1 relay because it wasn't pulling by itself all the way to push the contact points over. Now with the new ice cube style if you hold it for more then 2 seconds the points start chattering and it shoots small sparks between points. Seems like...
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  • Failed product: Diversion 180, Board: 244389

    Long time listener first time caller. I have a Diversion 180 That has failed, sounded like fire works going off in the welder. Found two fried igbt’s and a few fried resistors. Those parts are relatively cheap in comparison to a new board. However I need help identifying the component on the board...
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  • M.I.G. Feeding Troubleshooting Tips By A Warranty Technician

    Hi All,

    My Name is Logan P. Clayton I am a warranty Tech for Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hypertherm, Hobart, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, Firepower, Snap-On and just about every other main welding brand you can think of, I am starting a playlist for troubleshooting tips that will be comprised...
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  • Inexperienced, Video Welding on street Honda's AWD Differential and subframe

    In This video it shows this guy, SP TUNING on YouTube, is cutting and welding on his own Rear Sub frame and Differential mounts for his custom "All wheel Drive" Honda build that is OEM FWD only. He has never had any training doing any welding at all, and no training on welding on street car...
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  • Mike yates
    started a topic Miller matic 35 sputtering

    Miller matic 35 sputtering

    Guys in shop complaining about sputtering, but welds look great to me. 85 wire feed welding 1/2 plate on setting 4. 15 to 20 flow rate on 75/25 gas. Same settings for two years. But I have to admit it doesn't "hizzle" like i remember. Just replaced all the diodes with OEM because we had some...
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  • ecc
    started a topic buying used

    buying used

    looking at a used bobcat 225 that has 1600 hours. I know they're supposed to have an average lifespan of between 2-3000 hours. Is there anything in particular to look for in terms of issues? I'm looking to use this as a starter machine for a small mobile welding business and at almost half the cost...
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  • chartman
    started a topic Saving a Spectrum 2050

    Saving a Spectrum 2050

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for some help. I recently picked up an old Spectrum 2050 that won't fire an arc. The power and ready light come on fine, and the gas solenoid works fine when the trigger is pushed. Pressure and air quality seems fine. The ground clamp has a good connection back...
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  • brett.campbell
    started a topic warning light on hour meter

    warning light on hour meter

    My bobcat 225 will not light on hour meter comes on inside of the yellow triangle on the meter. Meter shows total hours when switched to "idle" and then -99.9 when switched to "run" spark when switched to "start".

    Local tech says it could...
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  • Welding repair to a crack in an excavator boom.

    I have a mini excavator - Volvo EC25. Years back I had a thumb installed, which included having someone weld a clevis bracket on the boom. The individual did a great job, only welding the vertical edges to the boom. There is now a small crack starting on the corner of the boom just above the bracket,...
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  • noloafing
    started a topic syncrowave 300 low weld output

    syncrowave 300 low weld output

    I am trying to repair a syncrowave 300 which has very low weld output (will not melt stick electrode). I have tried this machine with various settings (hi/low, AC/DC, with panel or remote control) and always the same thing. However when using the start current I can get plenty of power out, so the...
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  • techy
    started a topic Plasma Gouger

    Plasma Gouger

    I am new to this forum and I need some advice. We have a plasma gouger thermo dynamics. We are having problems and are at our wits end. I am needing to find out if you have any ideas of what direction to take, wether we should get this one fixed or just buy a new one. This is obsolete...
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  • Welder Repair shop seeking qualified factory service techs.

    I am wondering if anybody out there is looking for a good paying job with benefits repairing welding units. Miller and Lincoln training would be beneficial. Central Alberta, Canada is where we are located. Reply to the thread if you or someone you know may be interested. Engine drive experience would...
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  • Ridgeman
    started a topic Thunderbolt 225 sick

    Thunderbolt 225 sick


    I purchsed my TB 225 about 1973, it has served my needs on the farmette and other general needs very well. It has been in storage in my sons barn for about 2 years. I pulled it out in January 2011 to do some welding on my snow blower. Much to my surprise I could only get (I'm guessing)...
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  • Spot welder LMSW-52 with sheared bolt for handle... repair help

    I have a Miller spot welder (model LMSW-52) and the bolt which you can tighten to put more or less pressure on the electrodes when you push down on the handle has bent and snapped in two, with "normal" use. Now that I no longer have a handle to open/close the electrodes... the spot welder...
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