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  • buffumjr
    started a topic Your Dream Project

    Your Dream Project

    I saw a Kearney and Trecker 2H at a machinists' show. Too big for my shop. One day, I'd like to make one scaled down by 1/3. The real challenge is not the gadgetry, it's the accuracy. A real challenge in patience, measurement, machining, welding, casting, and the ability to reject a part that is just...
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  • Welding Project Video: DIY Fireplace

    Hello everyone,

    I am not a professional welder, but I do like to do the occasional project from time to time. My most recent project was an outdoor fireplace, and it turned out really well so I built a second one and made this short instructional video about the procedure. Check it out...
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  • Diesel
    started a topic Shop Class Ideas

    Shop Class Ideas

    Hey guys this is my first post on the forum but have been reading for while now. Okay so I'm in tenth grade shop class and our teacher told us we have to pick a project soon. Problem is I usually only make stuff when I need it and do that at home. So my question is what are some things I could possibly...
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  • Wiza223
    started a topic Homeme tool cart, what is it worth??

    Homeme tool cart, what is it worth??

    Tool cart i built in a shop class, wondering what anyone thinks its worth. Entire frame is 1/8" angle iron with 14 gauge sheeting around the bottom cabinet and laying in the top and middle sections. Truck bed liner spray in the top shelf, rest of cart is normal black spray paint. On the far...
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