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  • Hobart Plasma Cutter Problem main arc extinguishes

    Hi All,

    I have an old (late 80's?) Hobart Smooth Cut 60A plasma cutter. I do not have the original torch, but installed a thermal dynamics PCH-51 55A manual torch.

    I have used the maching like this for about 10 years and mostly always on 1/4" and thicker materials at...
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  • Miller 330a/bp reverse polarity troubleshooting

    I bought a well used Miller 330 a/bp welder and have experience using this model of welder from several years back. The problem I am having with this machine is that when tig welding in DC reverse polarity the tungsten is instantly vaporizing when the arc starts. To the point where I hit the pedal and...
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  • redbull
    started a topic Syncrowave 300 power one side only?

    Syncrowave 300 power one side only?

    Help! I have an old Miller SyncroWave 300 that I have been using lightly for TIG welding and it has a pulse feature and two power dial gauges. Since it is hooked up to a 20 AMP (220V) I have been tig welding at about 150 amps for some time and loving it… until for no particular reason I powered...
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  • ajwashere
    started a topic Aerowave problem

    Aerowave problem

    Hello All,
    A few days ago, one of the guys ran over the pedal cord for our Aerowave welder. It looks like two of the wires were split and now the amperage pegs out at 534. We swapped out the pedal with a new until with no luck. When you get the electrode close to your work piece its arcs without...
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