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  • stockdbo02
    started a topic Spectrum 1000 Torch

    Spectrum 1000 Torch

    I have a Spectrum1000 with an ICE-80TM on a burn table. I would like to find a handheld torch to use on it. Will any torches besides the ICE-80T work on this machine? I see the 80T’s are getting hard to find. I see the 60T looks similar (obviously lower current capacity) but will they connect? Are...
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  • Hobart Plasma Cutter Problem main arc extinguishes

    Hi All,

    I have an old (late 80's?) Hobart Smooth Cut 60A plasma cutter. I do not have the original torch, but installed a thermal dynamics PCH-51 55A manual torch.

    I have used the maching like this for about 10 years and mostly always on 1/4" and thicker materials at...
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  • t-bone
    started a topic In need of a different blue.

    In need of a different blue.

    He y'all,

    First time on this forum, but long time blue user. Was wondering if anyone out there may want to make a trade. I have a 2050 spectrum that works great, but I feel it is to big for the work i do. I think I need a smaller machine, but it could just be me. I usually cut nothing...
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  • a_edwill
    started a topic Broken Spectrum 375 Plasma Cutter

    Broken Spectrum 375 Plasma Cutter

    I have a Spectrum 375 plasma cutter. I was cutting up some 1/8" diamond plate aluminum for the trike I'm building and the machine just stopped working. I replaced the electrode and tip, checked the voltage, verified air pressure. Took the top off and blew out the little bit of dust there was...
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  • evill
    started a topic Troubleshooting Miller Spectrum 2050

    Troubleshooting Miller Spectrum 2050

    Mabey you guys can help me with a problem im having with my plasma cutter. As the title states I have a Miller Spectrum 2050 and am having some problems.

    The problem is that it will not start an arc when I pull the trigger anymore. The power light is on, the ready light is on. I...
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  • Spectrum 125c plasma on a generator?

    I need a little technical help with a newly purchased Spectrum 125c plasma cutter. I bought the unit to make saddle cuts in fence pipe.....but I'm having a problem...the unit works perfectly on a 20 amp, 120v household outlet, but when plugged into my 5000 watt-6500 watt surge (Subaru powered) generator.....the...
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  • Any suggestions on how to cut 40mm stainless steel?

    Hey guys what advice can you offer on cutting 40mm stainless steel. My friend got a contract where he has to cut 40mm steel plates and he's planning to purchase a plasma cutter for that purpose.

    I've gathered some info about plasma cutters and saw some options:
    a) A korea made...
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