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multimatic 215 x

  • B5bluntslide
    started a topic miller multimatic 215

    miller multimatic 215

    i just got a miller multimatic 215 and the 2# spool holder doesnt wanna screw in correctly when i go to tighten the nut on to the screw it starts to unscrew itself and i wanna know if theres a quick fix or something i can do that wont void my warranty. thanks in advance for any tips
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  • "European"style MVP plug: would a simple plug adapter work?

    Hi all, first (or second?) post here, just bought a Multimatic 215 from the US and lugged it back to...France! So, voila, haha!

    The Miller Multimatic 215 comes with two MVP plugs, a 120v and 240v. The 240v is a NEMA 6-50. I went to a well known big box hardware store in the US and bought...
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  • Syncrowave 210 vs. Mutimatic 215...or...

    Good evening:

    This is one of those - I need some advice posts.

    Welding is a hobby for me - I enjoy the learning process, reading, experimenting, and making a few items here and there. I have an O/A set up, and I have a Lincoln buzz box which I will sell in the next week...
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