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  • Big Dave
    started a topic Need help in Afganistan---MM350P

    Need help in Afganistan---MM350P

    We have a few Big Blue Air Paks at different sites. The new ones arriving have a 25amp outlet. Will that drive a MillerMatic 350P? I was told by the welders there it will not power the 350P?

    If I need a 50amp outlet can I install one to replace the 25 amp by only changed the breaker?...
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  • Looking at buying a used MM350p--have a couple questions...

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I'm nearly certain I will be buying a used MM350p from an auto repair shop "downsizing" that used it more as a shelf than anything. Ser. #: LF046xxx with a Roughneck gun. I've read up on it and have answered most of my questions and had several answered...
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