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    started a topic New to welding

    New to welding


    I just got a millermatic 211, this is the first welder I've ever owned and have no previous welding experience. So far I love it! Super easy to work with, I'm finding everything to be fairly intuitive. Did a few practice welds and wouldn't mind to get some feedback from you experienced...
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  • Power from large generator to the Millermatic 211

    Posting for my husband so I may not have the right terminology for the question, but I hope you can help.

    My husband wants to power the 220V side of our new Millermatic 211 from our large generator. The generator has more than enough power, but the 30A plug 220V receptacle on the generator...
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  • Wiring Millermatic 211 to NEMA 10-50R

    I've got a very conveniently placed range outlet, a NEMA 10-50R, near where I want to use the welder. It's a 50 amp circuit, straight from the box to the outside. We've got a dryer plugged to it now, but it's got the 10-50 which is a "range" plug: three flat blades, one vertical, two slanted...
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  • Trouble with Millermatic 211 and Spoolmate 100 on 1/8" alum (pics)

    Hi everyone. I have been lurking around her for a while, but this is my first post. I wanted to start off by sharing pics of a few projects since I picked up the new 211 recently, but I'll have to do that later.

    Tonight, I unpacked the Spoolmate 100 for the first time and decided to...
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  • Millermatic 211 circuit breaker size

    I am wiring my workshop with then intention of buying and using a Millermatic 211. I called the company and was told that a 40 A 240 circuit (and the appropriate gauge wire) would be adequate. My electrician friend is telling me to look on the nameplate on the actual machine, but I don't own one yet....
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