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  • JakeLB
    started a topic Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

    Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

    Hello have a millermatic 200 SN# JE777868. I replaced the CR1 relay because it wasn't pulling by itself all the way to push the contact points over. Now with the new ice cube style if you hold it for more then 2 seconds the points start chattering and it shoots small sparks between points. Seems like...
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  • Can I safely power a Syncrowave 200 from either a Bobcat or Trailblazer?

    Howdy all.
    I am a complete rookie here so go easy please. I am retired, and only a hobbiest, and I do the odd job for neighbors and friends now and again. I also have done some small paying jobs as well, and I do have my AWS D1.1. I have a Syncrowave 200, Millermatic 211 w/ Spoolmate 150, and...
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  • lincoln magnum sg spool gun wiring into millermatic 252

    Been trying to research how to cross wire my lincoln spool gun (magnum sg) into my millermatic 252? not sure if its possible just wondering if anyone else here has attempted this. i do have the miller male connector end with pins. there is 6 wires on the spool gun end. Thanks, Garrett
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  • Millermatic 140 flux core feed wire problems

    Hi everybody this problem is driving me up the wall.
    Ive ran solid core wire through it in the past years with not really much of any problems. I converted it over to flux core and installed the appropriate drive roller about a year ago. I ran a 2lb spool through it and didnt have much of a problem....
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  • Up-parts
    started a topic Millermatic 350p Help 7

    Millermatic 350p Help 7

    Recently purchased at auction, a nice clean looking MM350p. All cords were removed prior to sale so I worked with the local Airgas and now have all new. I relinked the machine per the manual for 1-phase 240vac and hit the switch. Nothing.. I got Help 7 & 9. I have checked the power supply and it...
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  • cledford
    started a topic spoolgun not triggering gas flow

    spoolgun not triggering gas flow

    I have a millermatic 200 with the spoolmatic 1. Everything works fine except the gas wont flow when you pull the trigger. Any ideas?
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  • Milermatic 35 Gas valve installation

    i have a millermatic 35 which i have inherited from my father. It has been a good machine many years but unfortunately the gas valve on the mig gun is no longer repairable. i would like to install a new mig gun but i need to add a gas solenoid and i believe i may want an adapter kit to make the connections...
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  • bobshearin
    started a topic millermatic 35

    millermatic 35

    First off Merry Christmas to everyone. I am ofcourse new to this and thank you to all for allowing me to join. I have a mm 35 that the control relay went out and was the oridgnal ( I can't spell for s$$t sorry ) I was able to locate one from Allied Electronics but I now have an issue I have not been...
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  • Troubleshooting Millermatic 252 MIG (Wire Is Not Feeding)

    HI everybody, IM NEW to arc welding. My miller is fresh off the Pallet and I followed the instructions for setting up to the best of my ability. The general problem is the wire is not feeding. In detail, the wheels are not even attempting to push the cord through. My electrician installed the plug,...
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  • Millermatic 300 with Spoolmate 2 200 amp gun

    Just bought this spoolmate and dont know how to hook it up to my millermatic 300. The gun has two sets of leads that go to the welder; one has 3 wires, the other 4. They are labeled 13,14,23 and 15,16,21,22 respectively. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, JR
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  • Bad (leaking) gas solenoid on a new MM252

    Im having a bit of an issue with my new MM252 where the LP side of the regulator wont hold gas pressure for more than 1min (actually about 30sec) after the bottle is shut.

    I dont think this is normal because my old 130xp would hold gas pressure between the reg and the welder for days,...
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  • jdminerals
    started a topic Millermatic 350P breaker trips

    Millermatic 350P breaker trips

    Yesterday AEP Texas had a huge spike in our area and my shop has three phase. I had around 350 on the big leg and the requisite 115 or so on the other two. My shop was built in the 1950's and still has those big cylindrical fuses daisy chained between stations. Anyway, I had a big door motor go out,...
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  • DRD
    started a topic Millermatic 212 advice / suggestions?

    Millermatic 212 advice / suggestions?

    Hello all! As you probably can see, I'm new here and have been looking to purchase a miller mig welder for quite some time now. I have found a fairly new miller millermatic 212 at a local flea market here, and it does seem to be in good condition! (Not beat up or external physical damage) The seller...
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  • millermatic 211 250volt 20 Amp to stove outlet 250 volt to 50amp

    HI, I have a millermatic 211. It comes with twist on adapters for both 120 volt and 250 volt. I've been running it on 120 volt but I would like more power.
    There's an existing 250 volt outlet in my garage. It's a four prong 250 volt 50 amp outlet made for a conventional stove. And my miler is...
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  • Millermatic 30E---Dialarc HF Incompatibility---Spoolmatic II

    Just purchased a package deal of a Millermatic feeder/controller(30E) and a Dialarc High Freqency ARC/Tig welder. I wanted to upgrade to a 220 Volt MIG and liked the option to perform TIG capabilities as well.

    The DialArc HF does NOT have a foot petal and only a partial setup for the...
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