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  • Acetylene420
    started a topic Big Blue 400 Voltage Spike.

    Big Blue 400 Voltage Spike.

    While running my 12vs arc reach suitcase off Big Blue 400, it’ll run perfect short arc for 8 seconds or so. Suddenly I can see and hear a change in the arc and it will suddenly start sputtering. When I release the trigger, I see the voltage has suddenly spiked to 30 or so.

    I’m running...
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  • jbillingsley
    started a topic 12vs suitcase

    12vs suitcase

    I recently got a 12vs extreme suitcase wire feeder, seemed to work pretty good the first day. But I went to go turn it on for the second time and there’s just nothing!!! I won’t turn on at all. Anybody have any ideas as to why? Or where you can actually get parts from to fix these?? Any help...
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  • Thick Material Issue - starts tack but turns into hot wire that does not start bead


    I have an Eastwood MIG 250 and it has been great so far. I was trying to do a repair for a friend's piece of lifting equipment that had a piece of round tubing maybe 1/8" wall, welded to a 5/8" ish thick piece of steel. The manufacturer must have had their machine set for...
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  • NMWelding
    started a topic Auto Darkening Helmet

    Auto Darkening Helmet

    I know that this is a Miller forum, I have both Miller and Lincoln products. I thought I’d ask a question about a Lincoln Nexgen EQC welding helmet. I bought it about 6 or 7 years ago. I don’t use it very often, only on critical work where arc strikes are a concern and when I need to hold the part...
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  • thieswelds
    started a topic Pulse or MIG

    Pulse or MIG

    I recently started working for a company that uses the XMT 304 multiprocess welder on 1 setting and they only run mig (having a hard time adjusting my settings a stupid amount during the day but I’ll save that for another post). Now Coming from a company that used the Acxess 450 machine and the pulse...
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  • M.I.G. Feeding Troubleshooting Tips By A Warranty Technician

    Hi All,

    My Name is Logan P. Clayton I am a warranty Tech for Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hypertherm, Hobart, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, Firepower, Snap-On and just about every other main welding brand you can think of, I am starting a playlist for troubleshooting tips that will be comprised...
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  • Inexperienced, Video Welding on street Honda's AWD Differential and subframe

    In This video it shows this guy, SP TUNING on YouTube, is cutting and welding on his own Rear Sub frame and Differential mounts for his custom "All wheel Drive" Honda build that is OEM FWD only. He has never had any training doing any welding at all, and no training on welding on street car...
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  • T-man
    started a topic My welding projects

    My welding projects

    Hi there welding folks.

    Over the last few years I've done a bunch of little projects, and it's enabled me to become better at sticking metal together. If there was a way to travel back to being 20 years old again, I would have taken another path which I would be a pro welder by now, as...
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  • DougM
    started a topic Mig welding Aluminum plate to cast Al

    Mig welding Aluminum plate to cast Al

    Hey guys.
    I’ve searched high and low all over the web for mig or tig welding Al plate to cast Al. No joy. So this forum is one of my last resorts.

    The Task:
    Fabricate a high-speed, relatively low-tension winch spool from a cast aluminum scooter wheel and 0.25” thick Al plate...
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  • fillet welds aluminum vs steel leg length

    i’m just doing some structural work on some aluminum yachts. just wondering if we follow the same formulas to find weld size (throat, leg) as steel as we have no drawings
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  • ecc
    started a topic buying used

    buying used

    looking at a used bobcat 225 that has 1600 hours. I know they're supposed to have an average lifespan of between 2-3000 hours. Is there anything in particular to look for in terms of issues? I'm looking to use this as a starter machine for a small mobile welding business and at almost half the cost...
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  • Silverback
    started a topic Welder settings with 5356

    Welder settings with 5356

    I have a MM211MVP that came with a spoolmate spool gun. There are settings for 4043 wire on the chart in the door but I have never found them (on the door, searching online...) for 5356 wire.

    Does anyone know where to find them? Even a chart from another welder that shows both 4043 and...
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  • Up-parts
    started a topic Millermatic 350p Help 7

    Millermatic 350p Help 7

    Recently purchased at auction, a nice clean looking MM350p. All cords were removed prior to sale so I worked with the local Airgas and now have all new. I relinked the machine per the manual for 1-phase 240vac and hit the switch. Nothing.. I got Help 7 & 9. I have checked the power supply and it...
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  • Finding a manual for Canox MIG welder

    Hi guys, I was directed to this website by my local welding gas company, who said you're my best bet for finding a manual for my Canox welder, which I understand to be a re-badged Miller Sidekick. It's a MIGMAGIC III.

    Serial No: KB100466
    Stock No: 903129-01-2

    Thanks in...
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  • modela
    started a topic Help with settings on S-64 Wire Feeder

    Help with settings on S-64 Wire Feeder

    I have a 304 CC/CV and a S-64 wire feeder. I am wanting to weld with MIG using the s-64 wire feeder. I have a manual but I cannot get the welder to run consistently. It runs a few seconds and then the wire sticks in the puddle and the current is shut down. I have another wire welder but I really...
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