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  • rmrider15
    started a topic Digital Elite Help!

    Digital Elite Help!

    Hello I have the digital elite stars and stripes 3 and I recently noticed in my stick welding class that I was seeing 3 arcs while I was welding. It was doing the same with household lights also. I went home changed outer lens and it did the same thing. I tried looking at the house light without the...
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  • rmrider15
    started a topic Welding helmet help !!

    Welding helmet help !!

    Hello i recently purchased the digital elite stars and stripes 3. i was welding a V joint with my schools welder and i was in X-Mode. if i was not looking directly at the ark then it would go back to its non darkened state it did that about 7 times until i finally quit. was i doing something wrong i...
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  • Etonic
    started a topic first good welding helmet

    first good welding helmet

    Im 17 and in co op, I got my first welding helmet about a year ago, i wasnt sure how into it i would get, so i just got a cheap lincolon auto darkening shade 11 helmet, i got it for around $80. Now that i have more experience and want to continue doing it, im looking to get a better helmet, i was thinking...
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  • jbskateboards
    started a topic polycarbonate wielding filters

    polycarbonate wielding filters

    Does anybody know if the plastic polycarbonate tinted Radnor welding shade filters sold at Air gas or LWS are as safe as the old school glass ones in terms of UV protection etc...?

    I really hope so because I love my number 11 gold Radnor plastic 4x5 in my Jackson shadow! The arc is like...
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  • Miller Performance Series helmet problems

    I have a Performance Series auto darkening helmet that has recently started having issues. Most of the time it has been fine, but earlier this week while welding in my basement I had several instances where, in the middle of welding, the shade just quit on me so that my eyes were unprotected. I've only...
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  • cncmachinist
    started a topic Miller Elite helmet issues

    Miller Elite helmet issues

    Ok guys im not a big welder by trade but I do need to burn rod from time to tim and until today my miller elite helmet has been nothing but great. I went to weld up some CroMo 4130 tubing today and the issue of my helmet flickering from shade 8-9 and occasionally going back to the grinding shade and...
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  • EM Fab
    started a topic auto darkening vs fixed shade

    auto darkening vs fixed shade

    I have a miller mp10 and it works good but i wanted to know if the auto darkening helmets are better? Ive heard that they damage your eyes so im not sure if i want an auto darkening but any advice would help
    Thanks, Ernie
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