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  • Aaron89
    started a topic Dynasty 280DX troubleshooting

    Dynasty 280DX troubleshooting

    Has anyone had to replace circuit boards in their Dynasty 280DX? I have 35 hrs on mine and it is out of warranty. I took it to get repaired and they want $3,000 to “attempt” to fix it with no guarantees. It will turn on and weld for about 30 seconds but it keeps saying “cool pwr, see OM” I can...
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  • ajwashere
    started a topic Aerowave problem

    Aerowave problem

    Hello All,
    A few days ago, one of the guys ran over the pedal cord for our Aerowave welder. It looks like two of the wires were split and now the amperage pegs out at 534. We swapped out the pedal with a new until with no luck. When you get the electrode close to your work piece its arcs without...
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