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  • K Williams
    started a topic Cracked Elite Shell?

    Cracked Elite Shell?

    I have an Elite welding hood with barely any use on it. The shell has two cracks in it. Is this normal for Elite welding hoods? How can I repair it to keep the cracks from getting bigger?
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  • rmrider15
    started a topic Digital Elite Help!

    Digital Elite Help!

    Hello I have the digital elite stars and stripes 3 and I recently noticed in my stick welding class that I was seeing 3 arcs while I was welding. It was doing the same with household lights also. I went home changed outer lens and it did the same thing. I tried looking at the house light without the...
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  • notslow
    started a topic miller digital elite vs titanium 9400

    miller digital elite vs titanium 9400

    Hi guys,
    I'm wondering if anyone knows any difference between the two other than the silver color. The specs show to be the same. Am I missing something?
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  • cncmachinist
    started a topic Miller Elite helmet issues

    Miller Elite helmet issues

    Ok guys im not a big welder by trade but I do need to burn rod from time to tim and until today my miller elite helmet has been nothing but great. I went to weld up some CroMo 4130 tubing today and the issue of my helmet flickering from shade 8-9 and occasionally going back to the grinding shade and...
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