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  • Aaron89
    started a topic Dynasty 280DX troubleshooting

    Dynasty 280DX troubleshooting

    Has anyone had to replace circuit boards in their Dynasty 280DX? I have 35 hrs on mine and it is out of warranty. I took it to get repaired and they want $3,000 to “attempt” to fix it with no guarantees. It will turn on and weld for about 30 seconds but it keeps saying “cool pwr, see OM” I can...
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  • josgraha
    started a topic Green vs Purple Tungsten

    Green vs Purple Tungsten

    I have recently learned that using green tungsten in an inverter machine is a no-no. I have been welding for over 15 years and I have never heard this until now when I purchased a Dynasty 700 machine. I have used the purple for a while and I am not very fond of it so far. I started using the green again...
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  • Welding Sequencer/Automation Feature on Dynasty 350 w/ Rotary Table

    Hi Guys;

    We recently purchased a Dynasty 350 from Miller. At this point, we would like to start integrating it into our manufacturing environment by using the Sequencer/Automation features of the unit.

    In essence, we have a 1.5" diameter weld in 304L stainless that we'd...
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  • dalehanzelka
    started a topic Miller TIG Contractor Kit 195054

    Miller TIG Contractor Kit 195054

    I bought this kit new for a Dynasty 200dx and it has maybe 1 hour of use on it.
    I sold the TIG and no longer need this.

    Kit includes:
    Protective Case with carrying handle,
    DB1725R (25 ft) TIG torch,
    RFCS-14 HD foot control,
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  • Dynasty 350 vs Syncrowave 250dx thin aluminum

    We have a syncrowave 250dx at our day job and are going to be getting a dynasty 350 for our personal/side business. We will be welding rather thin stuff (.040) aluminum mostly, and are interested to learn if anybody's found a difference with how the material reacts (warping, ease ability to weld etc)...
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  • con_fuse9
    started a topic Dynasty 350 upgrade to newer 350?

    Dynasty 350 upgrade to newer 350?

    I have a 'old' (if 1 year old is old) Dynasty 350. I'm intrigued by the addition of the "blue lightning" option on the newest 350s.

    My issue is that sometimes I don't get the arc to start (welding steel - even super clean 304 stainless). I have learned that a quick tap on...
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