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  • ksm2
    started a topic Shielding Gas Filters

    Shielding Gas Filters

    Is anyone familiar with shielding gas filters? I'm trying to find in-line type filters that I can hook up once the gas has passed through the regulator. I'm finding very fine filters, like .02 or .01 micron, but I feel that is a bit excess for my requirement. In reality, I'd like to find one filter...
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  • RmyWelder85
    started a topic Welding with Inert Gas.

    Welding with Inert Gas.

    Has anybody on here ever heard of anybody using inert gases other than helium and Argon? If so; what are the characteristics of the weld produced? Are they pretty much the same as helium and argon?
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  • Hello Folks! New to the site here...

    Hello fellows! I'm new to the site. Hoping to make some good acquaintances/friends, and learn some things. I'm a hobbyist welder, and have done some welding in previous jobs, but now i'm a desk jockey, so no more welding on the job. Just bought an older (mid 80s) Miller DialArc HF. Looking forward to...
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  • laresmojica
    started a topic Argon for stainless, mild steel ?

    Argon for stainless, mild steel ?

    My boss want to know if we should use Pure Argon to weld mild steel and aluminum or should it be use only to weld stainless steel due to the fact that Argon burns hotter.
    He was told to use C-25 for mild steel but that it was a messy job. I have been welding mild steel with pure Argon for a wild...
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  • Dlgeis
    started a topic Shielding gas mixing

    Shielding gas mixing


    I bought a Lincoln 175 pro sq wave unit a couple of years ago and have enjoyed shade tree tig and stick welding. I just bought a 350xmt CV/CC with a S64 feeder and a Bernard Q300 gun off eBay so I'm going to start exploring MIG and higher power stick welding.

    I have...
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