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  • Goat Driver
    started a topic Welding repair on an Aluminum boat

    Welding repair on an Aluminum boat

    This is what we started will be added as work progresses. BTW..We are not professional welders, we do little odd jobs on the side for neighbors, etc.
    All welding done with a Miller Syncrowave 200, 2% Lanthanated tungsten, 4043 filler, & pure argon gas.

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  • bobhdus
    started a topic Spoolmatic 30A Aluminum Gun

    Spoolmatic 30A Aluminum Gun

    I bought a 1998 Miller Synchrowave 250 SN# KJ108307. I also have an older Spoolmatic 30A Aluminum push pull/gun (with 10 pin connector) and was wondering what it would need to adapt electrically to the Welder? The connectors match but I don't want to fry anything so I think I will wait to see if someone...
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  • TIG Welding Alum base metal wants to spread away from its self

    I keep trying to weld alum and the base metal wants to spread away from its self, Im using ER4043 0.030 alum mig wire and 1/16" er4043, with orange tungsten, The machine is the miller diversion 180, i dont know whats going on, Any help is apperciated, thank you
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  • k_sims
    started a topic Best aluminum alloy for bending?

    Best aluminum alloy for bending?

    I have embarked upon a deceivingly challenging project that involves bending 3/4" thin walled aluminum tubing into circular shapes about 36" in diameter. I'm having a heck of a time finding the right material and was wondering if any experts out there knew from experience what the best aluminum...
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  • Miller Cricket 115V and aluminum radiator repair

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and to welding (for the most part). I have a 94 Honda Accord with a crack in the top of the radiator where one of the support brackets has come loose. I have a Miller Cricket 115volt welder and I'm wondering if I can use it to make this small aluminum weld? (doesn't...
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  • Anyone got experience of vertical fillet welds in aluminium??

    I have got to weld some aluminium as a vertical fillet, putting some 6mm thick pressed channels to the walls of a silo to strengthen it for fitting loadcells. Have tried tig in the workshop with some reasonable results going vertically up, not the best looking weld but adequate. Unfortunately, I have...
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  • Trouble with Millermatic 211 and Spoolmate 100 on 1/8" alum (pics)

    Hi everyone. I have been lurking around her for a while, but this is my first post. I wanted to start off by sharing pics of a few projects since I picked up the new 211 recently, but I'll have to do that later.

    Tonight, I unpacked the Spoolmate 100 for the first time and decided to...
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